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Go Beyond: Electric Aircraft Initiative

Several of our aircraft projects are designed to incorporate electric powerplants or hybrid systems.

Through our great experience with complete aircraft designs we can offer you a realistic airframe concept that is able to carry energy storage elements with superior capacity and endurance while the airframe is performing at least equally to conventional combustion-powered designs.

Yes, everyone doing electric airplanes today, but we have real experience with real airframes, enabling us to do realistic aircraft.
And today even a little beyond...
This is what we said 2 years ago:
"No, a six-seat, 200KW electric-only-aircraft with 3h endurance is not on our agenda within the next 2 years."
Well, two years are up, time has changed, we moved on...

If you are interested in further information, and want to participate in pushing the envelope a bit, join this advanced project.

Please contact us:

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