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With this unique service we supply you all encompassing professional expertise for your
experimental / homebuilt / classic / warbird airplane project.

Our scope of services includes:
- concept
- design
- engineering (new and reverse)
- documentation
- manuals
- development
- flight test support
- certification
- workshop support
- product improvement

A special service is airfoil selection to help you find the right wing section for your project.

Very useful for the experimental designer and homebuilder is also our
technical analysis service to make you choose or create the airplane you really want and avoid that you end up with a hangar-queen.

We make your airplane
concepts and designs a reality and check their feasibility.
We perform the associated
engineering and development work.
We create the necessary
documentation, models and drawings.
We get your
prototype build.
We organize the
flight test.
We go through the
We establish your

For the classic airplane and warbird restorators we offer technical analysis and reverse-engineering services for a genuine restauration that works at least as good as the original.
By understanding and explaning the engineering standard of that era and translating it into todays safety standards and technological skills we make your restauration project blazing through the skies not sitting on the ground.

restoration projects we offer an
engineering assessment upfront,
to help you estimate the effort needed.*

We also do
weight reduction programs for any type of aircraft. Through our approach you usually improve saftey while reducing weight and cost, without compromising structural integrity.

Please contact us, if you request further information.

The complete package from a single source:

Aerocompany STURM


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