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Aerospace Engineering

Aerocompany STURM
supplies you with sound engineering and straightforward solutions
at the maximum level of safety and at top scientific standard.

This includes:
- the complete aircraft
- systems
- components

- exterior and interior

- from
Part 103 Ultralight to Part 25 Airliners to Part 29 Helicopter

We develop airplane concepts and designs, check their feasibility and market opportunities.
We do all the associated
engineering and development work.
We create all the necessary
documentation, models and drawings.
We write the
We organize the
flight test.
We go through the
We establish your

We have expertise in the following types of structure:
- metal
- composite (glas, kevlar and carbon)
- tube-and-fabric
- wood
- and any combination of the above

We assist you in choosing the right material for your application.

We also help you with
perfection of existing designs/products.

We assist you with questions concerning
operation and maintenance.

- concept
- design
- engineering
- development
- flight test support
- approvals
- certification
- production
- product improvement
- operation
- maintenance
- weight reduction
- auditing
- special equipment

We do
airfoil selection. We find you the right airfoil for your project, because we say that the right airfoil is the heart and soul of a good airplane. We do conservative selection, not following dead end trends.

We do
weight reduction programs for any type of aircraft. Through our approach we improve safety while reducing weight and cost, without compromising structural integrity.

We make your (S)TC reality - from scratch to certificate.

The complete package from a single source:

Aerocompany STURM


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