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Part 21 Consulting

We offer consulting for Part 21 - all Subparts - both relevant authorities.

Subpart A General
Subpart B Type-certificates
Subpart D Changes to Type-certificates
Subpart E Supplemental Type-certificates
Subpart F Production without production organisation approval
Subpart G Production organisation approval for products, parts and appliances
Subpart H Airworthiness certificates
Subpart I Noise certificates
Subpart J Design organisation approval
Subpart K Parts and appliances
Subpart M Repairs
Subpart O European Technical Standard Order Authorisations
Subpart Q Identification of products, parts and appliances

Subpart A General
Subpart B Type Certificates
Subpart C Provisional Type Certificates
Subpart D Changes to Type Certificates
Subpart E Supplemental Type Certificates
Subpart F Production Under Type Certificate
Subpart G Production Certificates
Subpart H Airworthiness Certificates
Subpart I Provisional Airworthiness Certificates
Subpart K Parts Manufacturer Approvals
Subpart L Export Airworthiness Approvals
Subpart N Acceptance of Aircraft Engines, Propellers, and Articles for Import
Subpart O Technical Standard Order Approvals
Subpart P Special Federal Aviation Regulations

Aerocompany STURM


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